Sunday, 11 November 2018

Some passion project Drama The paint bomb

was so frustrated I felt like I would explode just like the bomb did…

Me and Taryn had been working on our passion project for the past 5 weeks.
We have been making recyclable toys and wooden puzzle pieces.

We headed off and began to add some colour to our wooden puzzle pieces.
Everything was going smoothly,
he bright beams of the warm sun shone on us as we worked.

I know it sounds really boring at the moment so let's skip forwards to half an hour later.


Ok, let's go back 10 minutes.

I told Taryn to paint one of the puzzle pieces green, and she nodded in agreement.
I turned around for a second to get my own paint
but when I turned back around Taryn was standing there, trying to get the lid off.
I grabbed it off her and opened the lid then gave it back to her.

Sadly for me, I gave it to her upside down, but before I could tell her that,
she had poured half of the bottle all over the bench. I
would say that maybe 25% of it made it into the carton
but the rest was all over the bench!

“TARYN!” I screamed. I was so frustrated that I felt like I would explode,
just like the bomb did. Slimy green stuff dripped down onto the floor.
I must’ve got some in my mouth since i got a taste of ink and glue.
It felt like slime swishing around in my mouth.

The rest of our afternoon was spent cleaning the bench,
but Taryn was gone most of the time trying to get a speck of paint off her top.
That just why you always focus when you’re painting.

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