Sunday, 11 November 2018

Some passion project Drama The paint bomb

was so frustrated I felt like I would explode just like the bomb did…

Me and Taryn had been working on our passion project for the past 5 weeks.
We have been making recyclable toys and wooden puzzle pieces.

We headed off and began to add some colour to our wooden puzzle pieces.
Everything was going smoothly,
he bright beams of the warm sun shone on us as we worked.

I know it sounds really boring at the moment so let's skip forwards to half an hour later.


Ok, let's go back 10 minutes.

I told Taryn to paint one of the puzzle pieces green, and she nodded in agreement.
I turned around for a second to get my own paint
but when I turned back around Taryn was standing there, trying to get the lid off.
I grabbed it off her and opened the lid then gave it back to her.

Sadly for me, I gave it to her upside down, but before I could tell her that,
she had poured half of the bottle all over the bench. I
would say that maybe 25% of it made it into the carton
but the rest was all over the bench!

“TARYN!” I screamed. I was so frustrated that I felt like I would explode,
just like the bomb did. Slimy green stuff dripped down onto the floor.
I must’ve got some in my mouth since i got a taste of ink and glue.
It felt like slime swishing around in my mouth.

The rest of our afternoon was spent cleaning the bench,
but Taryn was gone most of the time trying to get a speck of paint off her top.
That just why you always focus when you’re painting.

My Term 3 passion project reflection

Use this to guide your reflection when you have finished your Passion Project.
Record your ideas and then turn this into something you can present back to the Hub.
We would like to encourage you to then share your first and final presentation on your blog.
Perhaps also with something that includes images of  what you made or did.

Include photos if you have some. Please tell us what speaking skills you are working on.
What was your idea? Intro
To make recyclable toys for kids and wooden puzzle pieces.
What did you plan to learn? How to cut wood

How did you learn?
By asking for help some tips from Ryan and Mr.Anderson. because we had not dealt with wood before.

What challenges did you have to overcome? How did you overcome these?
We had to overcome the problem that when we cut the wood we chipped some of it off. To solve the problem we bought some filler and got some advice from my mum to apply it.
Describe what success was going to look like. Did you actually achieve this. Talk about this. Success to us was a good bunch of toys to send of to the hospice. I feel that we have achieved this goal because some kids in our class enjoyed playing with our toys.

Was this a valuable passion project for you? Why or why not?
Yes because  i now know a little more about filler, cutting wood and dyes and paint which will be handy skills in the future

My Term 3 passion project pitch

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Unicorn report

Unicorn’s are a mythical creature that have been around since early Mesopotamian artworks
they are known for there beauty and their magical powers. Stay tune to hear more!..

A Unicorn's diet includes sparkling river water, sweet berries, crisp apples, and other ripe fruits.
Unicorns will also eat your traditional horse food: Grass, hay, and oats.
Their all-time favorite is eating all the all of the foods we mentioned mixed together.

The Unicorn's habitat ranges from lush green forests, to meadows filled with wildflowers,
to low mountain ranges.

likes /dislikes
The best weather for a Unicorn is a sunshiny day, or a star-filled night.
Unicorns don't like lots of wind, clouds, and rain,
and have been known to put up a frightful noise during thunderstorms.
They love running on the coast at low tide, but won't go near it if the waves are too high.

In conclusion unicorns are very different Creatures that are very magical and awesome!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Girls tech challenge

Hello Today I'm going to show you a really fun activity that I did with my group. It is called…..
GIRLS TECH CHALLENGE!!! It is a challenge
where they get girls to make an app that helps the community/world.
One of the mentors from a group called Pauline came in and talked to us about technology.
We had to think about what we would like to do in the future.
We also had to draw a picture of ourselves in the future and what technology we would be using.

Kayla drew her as a chef and an author (but that doesn’t show in the picture),
Rebecca drew herself as an airplane hostess,
and I drew myself as a fashion designer,
a vet, and an airplane hostess that works for Air New Zealand
(we were allowed to choose more than one job).
We had to think about what superpowers we would like to have. Kayla chose flight,
but then Pauline told us that it had to be a DIFFERENT superpower like kindness. I
found it really fun and I think it may help us in the future with our coding.

Show not tell

This week I went to a workshop about show not tell.
show not tell is when you are creating a picture in your readers mind.

For example if i said i saw a lake it does not describe what it looks like it just tells you but what if i said this.

Over the freezing wood of my balcony i looked over to what looked like a huge puddle filled with shimmering water.
Huge trunks with leaves rustling in the wind surrounded the huge puddle.
Fish swam around looking for food and ducks quacked as they begin to wake up.
A huge light began to rise behind the huge puddle making the water sparkle like diamonds.
The sky began to light up it was as if the darkness was fighting the light.
but you could tell the had won when the darkness began to fade.

Pictures appeared in you head you imagine what i was describing.
Well that's it for today hope this helped you learn what show not tell is.

Monday, 30 April 2018

my recipe book!

Last term my class started something called literacy passion project. Now you may remember that blog post I did about my Drama play I did for my passion project and how we could choose anything we are passionate about but this ones different. This time it's literacy passion project and its all about writing. We are learning to write like real authors. We could write a magazine, gaming review, recipe book or even a comic! But i choose to do a recipe book. This is my recipe book it took me about seven weeks to make it. It was a lot of hard work. feel free to exprerent making the recipes inside. The recipes theme is kid friendly so kids can have fun in the kitchen because I believe that cooking is a good family time. Thanks for reading hope you enjoy me yummy recipes.